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Dream Bigger. Do Greater.

Dream Bigger. Do Greater2

Mid-America Christian University exists to expand your career opportunities and put you on the path to realizing your personal, professional, and spiritual goals.

The Mid-America learning experience is based on four foundational disciplines designed to equip you to Dream Bigger and Do Greater throughout the course of your life. At Mid-America you will be encouraged to experience greater:

  • Encounters with God—Naturally, because we are a Christian liberal arts college founded in the Church of God and Wesleyan traditions, we pay particular attention to the spiritual foundation we give our students. We want them to acquire skills in understanding God’s Word—since that is how God reveals so much of Himself to us.   We want their encounters with Christ to leave a lasting impression on their heads, hearts, and hands… or in other words… their intellects, their devotion to God, and their actions.

  • Engagement in learning—This pursuit takes many forms at Mid-America: It happens through lively classroom discussions, through assigned individual research, group projects, and through professional mentorships and internships.  Engaged learning employs blended learning styles… where technology, innovation, and critical thinking meet to shape 21st century learners to create global problem-solvers.  One of the most unique aspects of MACU academics is our focus on Issues-Based Curriculum.  Our world faces extraordinary challenges today such as the critical shortages of Food… Energy… and Water.  These issues can easily be found in our local communities—but are even more apparent at the global level where famine and drought are daily matters of life and death.

  • Expansion globally—It’s important to understand that we aren’t placed on the earth just to live our lives alone and only for ourselves. God’s plan for each of His followers involves caring about and engaging a lost and hurting world.  In Matthew 18:19, Christ commanded His followers “to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations.”  We hold this commandment close to our hearts at Mid-America and have expanded our mission globally through an array of organizations and ministry partnerships to touch nearly every continent of the globe. These partnerships provide venues for delivering online education to people around the world—and allow MACU students to “impact the world for good” through a variety of global service projects. Jesus’ followers that caused them to personally be transformed, and to change the world for good.

  • Expressions of faith in doing good—In the Book of Acts, chapter 10 verse 38 tells us that “Jesus went about doing good.”  Right now, 100% of our traditional undergraduate students participate in service projects, locally.  Other students have traveled to the uttermost places on earth to express their faith through “doing good.”  In this way we not only equip our students to “do well” in life, we also prepare them to “do good”—and that can make a tremendous impact.

At Mid-America, our vision is to “Prepare People to do Greater Things for God and His Kingdom.”  Let us do this for you. Let us come along side you and mentor you.  Let our community of faculty, staff, and like-minded students encourage and inspire you to fulfill your ultimate purpose.  Take the first step today!


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