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Academics That Equip Global Problem Solvers

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Academics Focused on Equiping Problem Solver for Global and Local Community Challenges

One of the most unique aspects of MACU academics is our focus on Issues-Based Curriculum.  Our world faces extraordinary challenges today such as the critical shortages of Food… Energy… and Water.  These issues can easily be found in our local communities—but are even more apparent at the global level where famine and drought are daily matters of life and death.

To our knowledge, Mid-America is the only university in the nation integrating an understanding of the world’s key issues across all of its degree programs.  We see this as the best way to create a generation of leaders prepared to make a world of difference—at home and abroad.

To accomplish this goal, MACU is blessed with some tremendous partnerships that are helping us quickly emerge as a global university.  Organizations such as  Heart to Honduras, Partnership for Peace Consortium, Project Partner, Water4, Connecting Business People to Christ International, and Arise Worldwide  give us the opportunity to extend online learning and special team-driven projects to nearly every continent.

Our focus…for the near future… includes China, India, Africa, Latin America, Switzerland, Italy, and the Philippines.  These are the doors of opportunity open to us right now… and I believe many more are coming our way.

Last year, in one of our first global initiatives, we sent a team of four young women to Uganda with our partner Water4. This summer, five more students are going to Uganda—and four of them are MACU working-adults who specifically asked to join the team.  Two other Study Broad teams will leave in a few weeks—a music ministry team is returning to Sicily to partner with Marine Reach Ministries,  and a team is heading to Asia for first-time ministry in India.


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