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The B.A. in English: Literary and Cultural Studies is designed to develop students with strong rhetorical and compositional skills who are adept at literary interpretation, analytical thinking, and cultural analysis.  Program highlights include: Surveys of American, English, and world literatures; study of literary theory and cultural criticism; specialized literature courses focused on major authors and movements; and upper division courses in creative writing and advanced composition.  The degree provides opportunity to pursue careers in a diverse number of fields such as professional writing, publishing and editing, instructional design, freelance work, and missions.  It also serves as valuable preparation for graduate study, whether in English and related disciplines in the humanities or in other areas, such as the study of law.


English: Literary and Cultural Studies, B.A. Degree

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English Multidisciplinary, B.S. Degree

  • Business Administration
  • Christian Ministries
  • Behavioral Science
  • Mathematics
  • Music Endorsement

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